“A must-have!
This creator truely has an eye for realism.
The item is perfectly sized, looks awesome in details, even at a distance, has 1 LI/PE, unbeatable price, and what I like most is that it’s not just another “standard” snack platter but a very unique product.”

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Anu Daviau

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“Charming Addition.
I added this cart in silver to my Paris-inspired kitchen and turned it into a wine table with bottles of vintage wine, some loaves of bread, and even a wine bottle opener, a few corks, and a cutting board. It added a very nice touch to the room and really complimented the elegant overall look I was going for. This is a great serving cart, you can put anything on it and while there aren’t a lot of texture details the metal textures it does have are well done. The only thing that could have made this cart better is if it had different wheel textures, but that’s easy to over look at such a great price.”

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