Art Fountain - the 'Chameleon' Effect

It is not rule-based and there’s much sense making in the process.  Staging artwork in different environments, experimenting with lights, colours, values, textures and materials, seem rather overwhelming. The final presentation espouses not just an object or subject, but the entire stage and the moods that emerged. At times, it is like watching the same chameleon transforms against changing backdrops. Many curious possibilities.

Art Fountain, The Chameleon Sets in Blender 3D

The Art Fountain is mini project modelled in Blender 3D with realistic water simulation.

A realistic presentation of the Art Fountain with flowing water in Blender 3D.

A realistic presentation of the Art Fountain with flowing water. The reflections on the water and the reflective steel works come from the environment texture in the background. Blender 3D’s rendering.

Casting the reflections on the water and steel works, captured from the environment texture, taken from a panorama shot of Singapore Botanic Garden.

Casting the reflections on the water and steel works, captured with an environment texture, a panorama shot of Singapore Botanic Garden.

Using various environment textures to render the Art Fountain in Blender 3D . ‘Chameleon’ effects achieved from the hue and values of lights they cast.

Applying different environment texture to Art Fountain model

Applying different environment textures, we get different ‘chameleon’ looks on the fountain from the lights cast on it.

Fluid Simulation in Blender 3D

The necessary elements at work:

Blender 3D Fluid Simulation#Blender3D Fluid simulation test for the fountain.

Posted by Jessica.Chan on Friday, 26 February 2016

In Blender 3D, there are specific steps in creating a platform for fluid simulation that limit its availability to work in another virtual environment. The water animation isn’t designed to work with Epiphany, the OpenSimulator virtual world for example.

Making the Art Fountain Works in Epiphany, Virtual World

Epiphany is a virtual world, a personal project and sandbox, created with OpenSimulator (OS) opensource technology. It is compatible with Second Life (SL), so what works in OS would normally works in SL apart for some proprietary scripts and standards.

The animated water is treated differently in OS. It involved the application of translucent cylinders, set to look like layers of water flowing out of the fountain pipes. To make the water ‘flows’, I need to apply the water texture on the ‘cylinders’ that I created in Photoshop and install the scripts to get the water running in-world.

OS is a gaming platform, like most gaming station, its efficacy depends on the model’s design (low/high poly) and how it works in the setup. The Art Fountain 3D model, seen through the Firestorm viewer:

Short Machinima’s demo of the Art Fountain uploaded to Epiphany.

The same model may look and work differently in different platforms, they are essentially the same coming from the same sense and curiosity. When I first launched it in Second Life, it was done out of curiosity, not least. If you are interested, it is available in SL’s Epiphany Store with limited rights of use here. Thanks for viewing. 🙂


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