Augmented Reality:

Art Fountain in Augmented Reality - Blender Cycles

Art Fountain in Augmented Reality (AR), Blender Cycles

  1. Real life content: 360 panorama photo of Bishan Park, Singapore, the environment texture installed for scene and light source. The scene from the the environment is also captured on the reflected surfaces of water and steel structures. The background forms part of the final animated scene.
  2. Virtual content: 3D model of fountain, physically based rendered (PBR) with Blender’s cycles engine that works on the light source and elements of the background scene.
  3. Animation Platform: Blender 3D Cycles Engine for realistic movie rendering, another Blender’s specific feature.
  4.  Additional background engineering: Special effect of simulated water, native to Blender 3D and hidden from final view. This includes the ‘domain’ construction that contains and drives the fluid.

Virtual Reality:

Art Fountain in Virtual Reality - Open Simulator

Art Fountain in Virtual Reality (VR), Open Simulator

  1. No real life content.
  2. Virtual Content: 3D model of fountain, rendered with Blender’s cycles engine. The techniques deployed in (1) & (2) of AR list above but in this case, we actually printed out the UV textures of the model in various 1024×1024 png files for VR. The model and its set of textures are imported into VR separately. The textures are applied on the model in VR, the game environment.
  3. Animation Platform: Also the VR gaming platform known as Open Simulator (OS, compatible with Second Life or SL) in this example. The animation is driven by 1024×1024, seamless water textures and scripts that determine the behaviours of these textures. Both scripts and textures are added in the virtual environment after the model has been imported into the game. The avatar in OS is both the creator and intellectual property owner. The animation forms parts of the interactive VR environment.
  4. Additional background engineering: The extras include pieces of constructions, from the streams of water flowing out of the pipes to the alpha layers that cover the pool. The model, textures and scripting are imported separately and installed ‘on-site’ virtually through the avatar as the main actor.

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