My first game developed with Unity 3D and C#. This is a web version. The difference between the mobile/desk versions and the web version here is the omission of ‘quit’ button.

Game Play:


  • Take a long swipe on selected splotches based on colour. The average score per splotch goes up as more are cleared in a single sweep.
  • The highest score multiplier starts at “X5”, and the lowest, “X1”.
  • Clear the hearts first. When the siren goes off, there’s a 3 seconds left to clear it, to save a life. There are 5 lives/chances in each game. Watch out for the lightning strikes!
  • The time extenders (stopwatch icons) prolong the game when cleared. Clear as many as you can.
  • Collision with other splotches (not of the selected colour) will result in rejection/clash. Start the swipe afresh when that happens.
  • Uncleared animated splotches (limbo state) is a result of bad finger works. Click to clear!

Enjoy! 🙂