“Excellent Lamp
Really nice lamp. Very pleased with the look for 1 prim. Not a too higher price either so as its not copy you can buy the number of lamps needed. My only suggestion for creator would be it would be nice to have a script that had lamp shine settings (high/medium/low) as with a number of lamps in a room it can be a bit overly bright when lighting the full area. other than that suggestion Its a great buy!”

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Customer's Review - Table Lamp Model, Scripted

I’m a treats/cake/snack platter addict in SL..lol, I have tons of them and put them everywhere in my house, so ppl can grab a snack whenever.
With items like this one, you want to keep an eye on the land impact. This one has 1 LI at a proper LOD, it looks realistic and is perfectly sized.
Really nice someone makes snack plates that have not been made by dozens of others before – this one is quite unic and the price is just a snack by itself.
I rate it 5***** for its look and details, for the awesome land impact of 1, for the great built-in animation, for the price and for the outstanding customer service.”

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Anu Daviau

Customer's Review - Ang Ku Kueh, Asian Cake Model, Scripted