“Very Bright, Nice Chandelier
I was having an issue where my skybox is no mod and set on full bright, causing all of my furniture to look very dark at certain times of day by comparison. Not only does this chandelier look pretty, but it casts a whole lot of light, and has solved that problem completely. It does hang down quite far, so keep that in mind if you have low ceilings.”

The original review at: Olive Chandelier

Kumiko Aima

Customer's Review - Chandelier Model, Scripted

“You wan’t to have this!
I admid I never saw or ate these tartlets in RL but isn’t that a reason to get them in SL? It is!
And you won’t be disappointed.
Awesome details, texture and LOD, the size is just perfect, and it’s 1 LI/PE.
And it is a giver/dispenser, which makes it perfect for parties and such.”

The original review at: Chinese & Portuguese Egg Tarts Animated

Anu Daviau

Customer's Review - Egg Tarts, Model, Scripted