Really lovely dining set. If there was any thing different I personally would have liked with this set is it it would be that the table was copy so it could be used as serving and side tables along side the dining table. But saying that this dining set looks great and very modern worth every linden. A BIG five star

The original review at: Review of City Chic Dining Set – Silver


Fabulous Dining Set

“This fine lamp adds a fine atmosphere to any room.

When do you make the same in a medieval version (torch) ?

Bravo !”

The original review at: Review for Wall Lamp Hi Res – Brass

Aria Domi


“I would give more stars if I could! I have been on the hunt for railings that would be more fitting of my Wright-inspired home. As soon as I saw this design, I could see Wright’s influence and knew it would be perfect. I was also pleasantly surprised at how low prim they are, even after linking two sections together and resizing, they still stayed one land impact. Just fantastic!”

The original review at: Review for Vintage Fence/Railing – Modular Building System V1

Jean Restless

I love this railing!

“Just what I was looking for, for this year’s Chinese New Year. Always good to have snacks out on the table!!

The plate looks good, as do the tarts themselves, that rich thick pineapple centre… looks so very tantalising. Animations work as well without any problems, all the better to munch on the tasty goodness.

Just wished however that it was maybe copy and mod instead of transferable. That way I could maybe have a second plate some where else. But that said there is that option of obtaining a number of the said tarts, and laying them on another plate.

Am secretly hoping for the creator to create more goodies, prawn rolls, kueh lapis or maybe even sugee biscuits. Thank you again for this amazing snack. Happy Chinese New Year.”

The original review at: Pineapple Tarts’ Review


yum yums.

“I wish the color of the lamp shade was more white as it has a off white appearance. But other than that it really brightens the room when it’s on and darkens the room when it’s off just like a real lamp. The other expensive lamps on SL have a weak light effect and the shade doesn’t even light up. If you want a real lamp buy from Epiphany.”

The original review at: Review for Table Lamp Classic III


Brilliant but....

“Fantastic two seater
A big five star thumbs up to this sofa and the creator. Nice poses and looks fantastic. The prim count on it is great too. Its a pity the cushions cant be either modified or be on a menu with colour options) but its a fine addition to the household.”

The original review at: Captain Living Room Set, A Review


Customer's Review - 2-Seater Sofa, Scripted

“A must-have!
This creator truely has an eye for realism.
The item is perfectly sized, looks awesome in details, even at a distance, has 1 LI/PE, unbeatable price, and what I like most is that it’s not just another “standard” snack platter but a very unique product.”

The original review at: Pineapple Tarts’ Review

Anu Daviau

Customer's Review - Pineapple Tarts Models, Scripted

“A taste of Asia
Place this well-textured, low prim set in your garden or yard, bring your own food and table settings and, with the classic dining animations, eat a comfortable lunch with a friend.”

The original review at: Review for Chinese Stone Table & Chairs Set


Customer's Review - Chinese Garden Set, Models, Scripted

“Absolutely Perfect
Absolutely Perfect wall clock in a vintage styling. 5 very big stars!”

The original review at: Clockwork Vintage


Customer's Review - Vintage Clock Model, Scripted